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I purchased our new baby puppy today and i had never done anything like this before . I was really nervous about all of this but they helped me out with everything especially finding the perfect puppy.he is everything I wanted and more .We not only got the pup I wanted ,they sent everything I needed to know with him we traveled 3.5 hrs one way to get him and the family were very nice and helpful . I got my special box of chocolate for valentines day this year. MAY GOD BLESS YOU'S FOR ALL THE HELP YOU'S GAVE ME AND MY FAMILY .We just adore our little chocolate MALTIPOO THANK YOU'S ALL Brenda & FAMILY

 We cannot thank you enough for our Molly (Morkie).   Marie is in love with the dog and it was a close call.  When I had to  put Joey to sleep I was deeply hurting.  The main reason for  concern was my "needing" another dog and my wife was vehemently against  another dog.  After she saw that little video you sent, she was very  happy.  That dog is a fireball and extremely intelligent.  In two days  she was paper trained and on the third night,  and every night since, she has slept in a crate next to my bed without a  whimper.  She was quite vocal the first two nights, but I just ignored  her and that seemed to work.  She and the cat are starting to become  friends.  Thanks again


It  was a pleasure purchasing the Westie puppy from you. In the three days  that the puppy has been in New Jersey, he has adjusted quite nicely. My  family is absolutely crazy about him!

I appreciate you faxing me his shot records as promised. I took the  puppy to my local vet this afternoon and everything checked out just  fine. Thanks again for everything. Please feel free to use me as a  reference. I am definitely a satisfied customer.  Have a great evening!

 I just wanted to let you know how great the puppy is doing.  I named her  Coco.  She is the cutest thing ever!  Everyone asks me where I got her  from, and I've given them your business cards....whether they try to get  a puppy from you or not is up to them.   Thank you so much for everything!!  I wanted to add a few pics, so you  could see how great she is.  Thanks again 

 Attached is a photo of the puppy you sent us (on the right:  we named her Maddy) and our existing Westie, Phoebe. 

Just want to let you know that Maddy is 8.2 pounds and a wonderful addition to our family.   

Hope all is well with you.     Best Regards 

Shopping List


We recommend about 10 different things from the pet store - Email me now for the list and recommendations for your new puppy please. 


After a near fatal motorcycle accident and a friend caretaking our new puppy we bought from them we let her have "Lexy" so as not to confuse the puppy with another home change. We returned again and purchased "Flower". Both families could not be shedding, well behaved, loyal pets. There has never been any health issues with either dog either. A sincere thank-you to for your excellent service...I will definitely be back when it's time to purchase our next puppy.


I thought I'd send an update on our beautiful MORKIE.   Jazzy just recently had her 6 month visit to the VET for shots, spaying,  heartworm tests, etc.....all that BIG $$$ stuff.  

She's a beautiful black & white mix w/ touches of tan on her ears and belly. Best of all, she has the most pleasant disposition and loves to  play. She is a dream when it comes to housetraining (she's an in-house  dog all the way and faithfully finds her pee-pads day and night).  Believe it or not, she has not relieved herself 1 time  outside the house since we brought her home. She has to be the center  of attention, or at least right there wherever the action in the house  may be. In other words, we're thrilled with the choice we made. Whenever  the chance arises to refer people your way we will most certainly do  what we can. Thanks again. 

 So far, the new puppy (as yet not named) has been great. He has pooped outside yesterday and already this morning and hasn't peed in the house at all yet.  He's getting along well with Crosby, as long as Crosby can get up on the couch when he needs a break and the puppy can't.  May I have a copy of your training guides - I'm always open to new methods.  I really love him already but still can't come up with the name, for sure.                         ( SHE NAMED HIM BRODY )

 It has taken quite a long time to email, but I have to tell you how much we love our little Vegas. She is the light of our life. Soon we are thinking about purchasing another girl ,(perhaps next summer) one similar to her body structure. Vegas is very long and lean as opposed to the others  we have seen. We are so pleased with Vegas. We hope that you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!! 

Training Guides


email me now for different training guides that will help with the transition - I have different PDF files I can send over - email me now 

Shipping Information


We do ship when the puppy is big enough according to the vets recommendation 

We ship with United, Delta or American

We always strive to get a direct flight but a lot of time there needs to be a layover so in that case we pick the shortest and best flight for the puppy.  

Flight is $500 which includes vet paperwork, flight and travel crate